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MY DREAM-Azimath Adjassa

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Azimath Adjassa

MY DREAM-Azimath Adjassa
Azimath is a Telecommunications & ICT Engineer. I’ve never heard the word Telecommunication until a year after my Baccalaureate. I’ve been thinking of studying medicine since childhood, but my father was not willing to send me abroad to study medicine. I then wasted one whole year after my Baccalaureate. A new academic year started and still I have no idea what I will do. As usual, my parents had several counsellors, I met Mr.……., one of the good one I must say (owner of one of the oldest pharmacy shop in Cotonou, Benin).

He shared with me how he became a pharmacist and gave me the current situation (at 2004) of medical/pharmaceutical field in our country. For the first time, I came to understand the true state of the health sector in my country. After 48 hours of thinking, I made a decision on my career so I went back to see him. He asked me if I already know what I am going to study and my answer was YES. He said OK tell me, I asked him this question: in which field of study can I use Mathematics and Physics. His answer was Telecommunication.


He then advised me to travel to Senegal since there are good private and regional universities there. When I went back home I explained everything that transpired between us to my mum. She started shouting and said well, you are on the right path to lose one more year because she knew that I may not able to travel to Senegal. Then we made a call trying to find private school in Porto-Novo Benin. Then I found my way into school only in two hours after spending twelve months searching.

Today I am a Telecoms & ICT Engineer & Specialized Master in Telecommunication Management (of Ecole Superieure Multinationale des Telecommunications –Dakar) with over 5 years of international experience in the sector. Currently I serve as Head of frequencies spectrum management of United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali. My career dream is surely become CTO of MTN Nigeria.

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  1. Adegboye ismail A

    Hello Azimuth,i have being following you for quite awhile now,so happy a woman like you have so much ambition and very hard working in this industry,i know you when you are at hmm,(Aviat) don’t know if i am right,i kept following you and am happy you are now in Mali,will like to know are you a Nigerian or Beninese because i notice you speak both french and English.Anyways,i pray to God to grant you your hearth desire,great health,knowledge and understanding.well done and Good job.

  2. Blaise BOTON

    I wish you good luck for the ambition you have for your your career. As peole say, when there is a will there is a way. So you will certainly reach your goal. But as your compatriot that has years of experience in ICT in Benin Ministry of ICT, I think the country needs talented and experinced people like you to face the challenges of ICT and provide employment for many youngs. So think about establishing an IT solutions company after you have a minimum of capital.

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