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Our entrepreneurs start with big dreams and drive. Through the 12 months’ experience, they evolve, becoming skilled entrepreneurial managers. They become the leaders who launch what matters.

Description of Content to be provided within the 12 months of private webinars and content


Review of successful entrepreneurial business models and the initial challenges these business models encountered.



Reviews and applies entrepreneurial marketing approaches used by successful entrepreneurs. These include utilizing industry sector trends, identifying emerging customer niches, developing new products/services, using guerilla marketing strategies, and Internet and social marketing strategies. Methods to research industry sector trends, identify emerging needs, develop new product and service ideas, and evaluate their feasibility, competitive advantage, and potential profitability. Explore the relationship between a well-developed marketing plan and a guide to successfully raising start-up capital.


This explores how to identify and develop solutions to the most common leadership and personal challenges faced by entrepreneurs when starting new ventures or launching new products. Promotes a deeper understanding of what is required to be a successful entrepreneur. Highlights the skills and tools necessary to start a new business and explores alternatives to common pitfalls.

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