Is Your Social Media Manager Lying to you – Edel Technology at Social Media Week Lagos

CEOs (and almost C levels decision makers) need to ask certain high-level but tough questions of their digital marketing team and agency. This can be a hard task when new digital programs involve something they may not have direct experience with or when the language employed is often a tangle of acronyms and terms for which they have no context. So, on behalf of all the CEO’s out there – here is a starting primer on what you might ask your teams responsible for digital strategy and execution:

Why should you approve that budget for the social media campaign ?

Don’t be bamboozled by meaningless vanity metrics such as the number of Facebook likes or Twitter followers (those can be cheaply purchased). Instead We will give you the tools to be able to suss and and ask the right questions to make sure you are not throwing Money Away!!

Please See Presentation below