Women in Technology Africa is a network in Africa and the Diaspora with the mandate to  effective support to women in technology across the African continent and abroad  to :

  • Creating today’s female leaders and role Models for tomorrow’s Women
  • Show the world what a strong African woman is capable of achieving
  • Support African growth through technology

Women in Tech Africa  has membership of women in over 30 countries in Africa and is  launching offices in South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Zambia and Canada in addition to Ghana by December  2015


Corporate and Non Profit Organizations

Event organization

With our experience of organizing events and programs across Africa and Europe including Ghana, Nigeria and London we are well placed to organize events for your on the thematic women leadership and Africa and Technology

Female Corporate Leadership and Pipeline Programs 

We have experience in designing leadership training programs ,we will work with your needs to design a leadership program to support your high performing employees and also consult on the plans for creating pipelines of female leaders for diversity in your Board rooms and Management Level

Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Professional Executive Coaching

Just starting out, do you need early career  coaching? We can help.

Do you have a pending Interview you need to get ready for ? We can help coach you in readiness.

Or have you clinched that dream job and you are negotiating your salary package? We can help  you negotiate a better package,we will research and prepare you for effective negotiation.

We help women to drive their careers successfully whilst playing to their strengths and remaining true to their authentic selves.Whether it’s to grow in their leadership role, develop as a board member or partner, dedicated executive coaching is a ‘must have’ for busy female leaders.

Exclusive  Deep Dive Dinners

Every 6 weeks we will conduct exclusive invite only dinners with high ranking and high potential individuals. Invitees will be required to pay to attend.

The dinners are small  intimate affairs to allow with interaction each other but more  importantly with  high ranking Chairperson (Our Chairpersons  range from CEO’s of top organizations across Africa, Heads of Boards and Celebrity Entrepreneurs with high net worth organizations.

The Dinner Chairpersons will also share with you their personal journey and real-world experiences on business along with answering pertinent questions.

Entrepreneur Business Coaching

Want to start a new business?

Start-up business coaches offer much-needed support, guidance and expertise for new entrepreneurs looking to start a business. Start-ups are notoriously risky – about half fail within the first three years due to misjudged markets, overestimated forecasts, underestimated liabilities and so on – all easy mistakes to make for a first-timer. With an experienced business coaches like us on-board, those fatal mistakes could be seriously minimized.

Been an Entrepreneur for a while?

Is your business highly profitable? Does it tick along smoothly without you? Or are you trapped at the subsistence phase? – your time spent juggling the day to day administrative routines, managing staff, making sure products and services are delivered adequately, managing cash flow and general fire-fighting, etc.Our program is designed to help you build a sustainable, profitable business that can run without requiring your daily attention.

Online Reputation Design and Strategy

We  will help you and your businesses plan and manage your  professional reputation. Using a blend of:

  • Thought Leadership
  • Speaking Opportunities
  • Social Media
  • Networking Planning

We help them develop powerful positive reputations that also bring positive results to your career.

Need our  services, please email us at ethel.cofie@womenintechafrica.com

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