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Dreaming Tech-My Journey

I chose a career in tech because I love to be dynamic and to move with current trend of business. Technology does the same and automatically suits my personality-the evolver! With technology, I can experiment and find solutions. I have worked in various sectors but the technology aspect of it all is what gave me the kick.

My dream has always been to use technology to bring a positive impact to the community and businesses.

My area of focus is in ICT & Telecoms Consulting. In Africa, the mobile phone remains a powerful tool, so I like to use technology and tie it around the mobile phone to find solutions through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and incorporating Cloud Computing to come up with Cloud-based solutions.

My journey into tech started after pursuing an MSc E-Business in 2001 in the UK when doing business on the internet was foreign in many parts of Africa, but I am glad to see ICT being embraced in businesses today in Africa.

I always wanted to start my own business since I want to drive things my way, so I founded GlobalX Investments Ltd in late 2012 after working with Ericsson, a telecommunications giant, in a Strategic Planning role covering 43 countries in Sub Saharan Africa. I hope to grow my business in Cloud-based Technologies through viable partnerships and innovation. My company, GlobalX has recently partnered with VMware as a Solution Provider. In line with this offer, VMware hosted me for my TechWomen Fellowship in the Silicon Valley in October 2014.

I worked on a mentorship project on Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) for Telco’s during my stint at VMware since I wanted to know more about new trends in Cloud Computing and Telecommunications.
Photo:Sylvia visiting the Microsoft Offices in Mountain View, Silicon Valley as part of TechWomen.

My journey so far has been challenging in terms of defining a business model and interesting since I have been trying many new things to shape my model. I keep reinventing my business model to reflect and incorporate emerging technologies. I have been pursuing and upgrading accreditation related to my areas of interest/focus to remain relevant and meet market requirements. I keep abreast with new technological trends through avid reading, networking, attending webinars and through social media.
My tech dreams are valid, and so are yours. I will keep going.

Sylvia is a ‘’Techpreneur’’ (Entrepreneur in Technology) based in Nairobi, Kenya. She is a TechWomen Alumni, an Initiative of the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, selected as an Emerging leader from Africa & the Middle East. She is passionate about empowering girls in STEM. Sylvia also runs an online travel portal

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    am still a student, my interest is to be mentored on security. please can i get way forward to my dream. I like the organization and the good work they are doing

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