My Story-Marian Tesfamichael

MY Story

Marian Tesfamichael

I have always been fascinated with computers and about how things work. I can remember the first course I took when I was in high school was Pascal, and I recall just how overly excited I was to program my first code.

My passion for solving complex problems on the computer grew into wanting to understand how information from various sources comes together to form something meaningful. It is in my greatest ambition to not only contribute to the field, but also to encourage other young women to work in the field of Information and Computing.

My undergraduate education background is in Computer Science and Mathematics.
I am also a Project Management Professional. I am currently doing my Master of Information Systems at University of Toronto, Canada.

Over the past 10 years, I have used my interests and education in computing and information in all my employment experiences to create applications for end users of all background. These applications have helped streamline business processes within the organizations.

There are not many women in technology, but there are even a lot fewer African women in technology. I want to inspire young women in high school and colleges to pursue careers in the technology field and to be movers and shakers in the ever growing technology arena. As an African woman, I also plan to share my own experiences in technology field and its successes with my local African Community.


Marian Tesfamichael ( Toronto)

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•Over 10 years experience in web and desktop application development, project management, and data analysis
• Research and Organizational skills, Project Management skills, Documentation skills
• Multi-tasking and Time management skills
• Good Communication and interpersonal skills
• Proficiency in JAD session, Use Cases, Workflows, System Requirements Specifications, Functional and Non-Functional Requirements
• Experience in Software Development Life Cycle
• Expertise in database design and migration.
• Wire Framing and Data Mapping.


art work miriam

Early enough in life I decided to always explore alternatives.
I had expected it would always be sufficiently easy to execute any lifestyle changes I contemplated.
From young years of wanting to be a lawyer to a brief turn-around in favour of medicine before finally settling into a soothing lull where I simply told myself I was going to be an engineer. An affinity for lighted screens, disassembling and assembling small gadgets was not enough

When I gained a first degree in Statistics and tried and failed to get a job and no mentor or professional body that would teach me to be the great statistician I so wanted to be, I acquired skills in web design.
Seeming simple at the beginning, I discovered the field was much wider than I had been tutored. I soon began to feel like one very tiny fish in an exceedingly large ocean. When you do things that take you outside your comfort zone, you will constantly have to remind yourself that pain may be inevitable but misery is optional. Get ready.

One day in March 2015, I saddled up and began to take online classes to enhance my knowledge. Coupling it with my NGO job was not easy as there were many sleep-truncated nights. I sought out other web designers and asked questions. I did not get it instantly as even now I sometimes have to retrace my steps.

The greatest thing of all is I got better at my jobs.
I dream of building wonderful, unconventional websites.
I dream of inventing exceptional applications, soft-wares probably with programs so complex it would take almost donkey years for anyone to decode and make geniuses salute me.
Every day I learn something new about technology that thrills me. And that thrill? That’s what assures me my dream is not a lie.



Miriam Iyere-Isibor(Nigeria)  begun a freelance career in technology through web design and social media platform management.Miriam is a Statistician and IT Manager at Yeve Logistics And Procurements Limited.Owner of QEREN WEB AND GRAPHICS DESIGN, a company still in infancy, she also authors two blogs where she writes her personal musings on life issues and advertises events.Accompanying an intense love for music is an interest in travelling.

Nisha follows her Instincts

My name is Nisha Maharaj, MD of Niche Integrated Solutions- South Africa. I have an accumulated service record of 20 years within the Banking, Financial services and Telecommunications sectors of which more than 14 years have been served at either Senior or Executive Management level. In addition, I am a specialist in unsecured lending (microfinance). After having spent decades in financial services, I decided to embark on my own entrepreneurial journey in business.

Whilst exploring my options, I stumbled into the world of business in technology. All my consulting assignments led to problems around operational efficiencies which only technology could solve. In the space of the commercial and financial services arena in South Africa, we do not have very robust home grown technologies so I researched the globe to find solutions that could bring value to South Africa.

I was very fortunate to have cultivated partnerships with some of the global leaders in technology, to bring these solutions to my country. We have made headlines since my first year of operation having won two major bids with two South African banks, I saw success instantly with technology. Not only am I happy that I Decided to follow my instincts, I am also making a significant difference to the South African financial services arena, and our customers are satisfied. Technology has the potential to make your dreams come true –it changes the past, present and future

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